Concept Biotech is a waste management consultancy established in the year 2001 that focuses on organic waste treatment and has a dream of a clean world. Concept biotech and it's team initiated "kachare se azadi" on The Independence Day i.e 15th of August, 2016

Its services include sludge treatment in industries using composting/vermicomposting techniques. It focuses on decentralized waste management system and contributing innovative ideas for CSR projects regarding waste management.

Concept Biotech initiated “KACHARE SE AZADI” on the day of Independence Day i.e. 15th August 2016. “KACHARE SE AZADI”-as the theme suggests, we are not free from the problem of wastes or the resource we generate. We are yet free because we call our resources as waste.

This year, we started the campaign with low cost product which can reach to all houses with a minimal contribution of Rs. 300/- . This was possible with the extended support from Plast India Foundation and joining hands with SOCLEEN which is the primer environmental organization of Baroda.

It is the time that now; we change our perception, and start calling such practices as RESOURCE management system and not as WASTE management system.