Decentralized waste management in rural areas.
an initiative by Concept Biotech to boost CSR for waste management

    The key issues of decentralized waste management in rural areas and differences compared with urban areas are:

  • An increasing quantity of waste generation: The quantity of waste generated is increasing in rural areas as a result of increased population, consumerism and commercial activities. Although the quantity of waste generated in rural areas is increasing, it is still relatively low compared with urban areas.
  • Options for waste disposal: In rural areas, compared to urban ones, land availability is not often a constraint. Also, there are more options possible in rural areas for reuse of waste, such as composting of biodegradable material, which can be used in kitchen gardens, agricultural fields, and so on.

    Decentralized waste management has many challenges which are why it is not successful without the efforts of an implementing agency. At Concept Biotech we take care of all the challenges such as Public awareness, Public participation at the household level, institutional and community levels, initiatives among local body, Ensuring financial support in the form of subsidies, technical support and also provide services such as:

  • Door to door segregated waste collection
  • Wet waste management
  • Dry waste management
  • Regular training of staff involved in waste management