Vermifilter of Greywater

Vermifiltration is a revolutionary biological treatment technology that combines sewage/effluent treatment by earthworms for greater utilization of clean vermifiltered wastewater in society instead of discharging them in the rivers and water bodies. The technology is electricity-free, low-energy, noise-free, odour-free as well as a sludge-free system with several other environmental and economic advantages and benefits over the conventional wastewater treatment technologies. The treated vermifiltered water is highly nutritive, pathogen-free, odour free, chemical-free, sterile and neutral in pH which is suitable for all non-potable uses such as for irrigation in farms, gardens, toilet flushing, washing in homes, institutions and for industrial uses.

Concept Biotech has designed and fabricated vermifilters and conducted trials on many effluents, successfully. Vermifilter are best for villages in present scenario where the village administration lack facility to treat Grey water