Composting Tumbler

A composting tumbler is a composting container which can be rotated for mixing wet waste. The container is sealed which helps maintain the heat generated by the composting process, and rotating it helps keep it airy making it aerobic waste processing. Composting tumblers speed up composting as compared to traditional heap composting.

Composting tumbler is made by fabricating a container on a stand so that it is above the ground. It has enough holes for aeration. A lid with locking system traps the waste and keep it concealed unless manually opened.

Benefits of Composting Tumbler
  • Speeds the composting process

    Traditionally in heap composting, composting takes anything between 60 to 90 days while in a composting tumbler, mulch can be received within 30-45 days after processing waste in a sealed compost tumbler. It is also important to maintain the moisture and dryness of the waste by balancing it with sawdust and water, respectively.

  • Free from rodents, flies, pests

    Composting tumblers are fabricated to be elevated from the ground and made from sturdy material, hence are impenetrable to rodents. With the right maintenance of moisture, the compost will be free of flies and pests.

  • Eliminates composting odours

    Odour is produced only if there is excess moisture. The closed design of composting tumbler eliminates odours.

  • Fits in minimum space and attractive

    The sleek designs and clean operation makes composting tumblers fit into less space and looks attractive when installed in apartments.