Rocket Composter

  • Works with Wind energy, Solar energy and Composting Culture
  • A fully enclosed system, eco-friendly, healthy, with an aesthetic look
  • Only 10% of space required as compared to the traditional system
  • Trouble-free, very little labour cost
  • Best for Villages, Colony and Canteens

Composting Tumbler

    Benefits of Composting Tumbler

  • Speeds the composting process
  • Free from rodents, flies, pests
  • Eliminates composting odours
  • Fits in minimum space and attractive

Acclimatized Earthworms

Earthworms are called farmers friend. Earthworm does the major work of tilling soil and creating pores in the soil which help in aeration of soil as well help retaining moisture

Vermiculture technology for treating sewage sludge and ETP bio-sludge is the unique innovation based on the simple principle of earthworms action Vermiculture technology for treating sewage sludge and biological secondary sludge is one of the best natural treatment methodology. However, doing it right is important so as to not give rise to fatality among earthworms.