Rocket Composter

A composter which converts waste into liquid manure

Rocket composter is designed for big families or for an apartment floor consisting of 3-4 families or a bungalow scheme with 5-6 households or for canteens. It can handle 10 kg of raw vegetable waste or 5kg of cooked leftover food waste. It easily fits into common areas or balconies and requires 2 sq feet space. It is a continuous process and initially needs 45-60 days for the composting cycle.

Dispose the kitchen waste in the circular input chamber which is conical in shape from the inside. Add the composting culture provided to you. The anaerobic thermophilic bacteria will convert the waste into liquid and gas. The inbuilt exhaust will pull the gas out of the digester making it an odour free space.

Liquid manure also known as compost tea can be retrieved from the tap after 30 days of the cycle. This liquid should be diluted 10 times before using as manure for the plants. In each cycle, 20-30% of mulch is formed which is the undigested food waste. This can be removed and used as a manure to increase soil fertility.